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Claremont High School Music Program Portrait Fundraiser

I recently photographed the Claremont High School Marching Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, and Color Guard groups and individuals as a fundraiser for the music program. Creating great group images is very challenging. It is difficult to organize large groups in general, light them properly, and get a great background at the same time.

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Class of 2019 - Model Glow Up

Recently we took a day trip to our local forest with our Class of 2019 Model Team, and we had a blast. The girls were able to display their different sense of style throughout each location.

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How to Create Amazing Group Images and Thrill the Band Director and Parents!

I’ve worked with all sorts of sports teams and organizations over the years, but I had never worked with a band or orchestra until Taylor Estep contacted me.  Honestly, I’d always wanted to work with a band or orchestra and was even more excited since Taylor is the director for El Roble Jr Highs’ program and my son Aidan just started El Roble this year.

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Aidan and Lukas Reluctantly Pose for the Camera...

Every year I photograph Aidan and Lukas right before Christmas so I can give family members gifts they love and something they can’t return even if they don’t like it.  It’s also so the Negrete boys have something to give mom and my parents.  To be really honest I kinda hate photographing my own kids even though I love the results.

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How To Capture Personality and Authenticity in Portraits-The Process Matters.

Every year or so I’m tasked with creating portraits of my two boys Aidan and Lukas.  It’s never easy, so I tend to procrastinate even doing it.  Aidan is my oldest, he's twelve now and I started like most parents taking tons of pictures of him since birth.  I have entirely worn out my photography welcome with him.  He gives me crazy faces or just turns away from the camera at this point.

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