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Holiday Road Trip with Preteens

These images are from my last road trip with the Negrete Boys to Sedona Arizona and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  Lukas is the one with the longer hair; he’s 11 now, and Aidan is 13 years.  They’re now at the pre-teen age, so things are getting interesting.

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Aidan and Lukas Reluctantly Pose for the Camera...

Every year I photograph Aidan and Lukas right before Christmas so I can give family members gifts they love and something they can’t return even if they don’t like it.  It’s also so the Negrete boys have something to give mom and my parents.  To be really honest I kinda hate photographing my own kids even though I love the results.

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How To Capture Personality and Authenticity in Portraits-The Process Matters.

Every year or so I’m tasked with creating portraits of my two boys Aidan and Lukas.  It’s never easy, so I tend to procrastinate even doing it.  Aidan is my oldest, he's twelve now and I started like most parents taking tons of pictures of him since birth.  I have entirely worn out my photography welcome with him.  He gives me crazy faces or just turns away from the camera at this point.

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