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Creating Art to Touch Your Heart

Your wedding day is one of the most emotional events of your life.  It’s also one of the best opportunities you’ll have to create breathtaking art that shows how special your life is. I’ve been photographing weddings for over fourteen years professionally and I still get emotional at every ceremony.  I love experiencing the joy and creating art with such a special occasion.

I have some strong beliefs about wedding photography and how to do it best.  Great wedding photography is more than showing what happened and what everything looked like on your big day.  I create art that expresses all of the emotion and joy of your wedding day.  Art that touches your heart is timeless.  Of course I will create images of the details of your wedding such as shoes, dress, jewelry, flowers, etc.  What I am really after though is capturing images that you and yours will remember for a lifetime.  Your wedding album will be your first family heirloom and it’s my goal to make it amazing!

My first step with each wedding client is to get to know one another and become friends and partners in creating an amazing wedding album.  I invite each client to my studio to sit down and talk about their wedding, their life, and what makes them and their relationship unique.  Building a relationship is imperative to giving you great service and art.  I want you to be comfortable when I show up to photograph your wedding.  My goal is for you look at me as a friend at your wedding instead of a “wedding vendor.”  Most clients introduce me as their “friend the photographer Michael Negrete.”  I quickly become their personal artist; and they call on me to create more amazing art of their growing family after the wedding.

Be Careful Who You Invite To Your Wedding

Be careful about who you choose to photograph your wedding.  Choosing based on images, packages, and pricing alone is a huge mistake!  You will be working with your photographer for up to one year!  I know that sounds like a lot; it is!  Most clients book their weddings with me six to twelve months in advance and the products from the event are finished within a few months after the wedding date.  Your not buying something off of a shelf-your paying for customer service and expertise.  If your searching for the cheapest photographer beware you get what you pay for; and you might as well leave my page now-we’re probably not a good fit.  I want clients who are serious about creating art.

I recommend you really make sure you like your wedding photographer before you invite him as a guest to your wedding and commit to working with him or her for up to one year!  Great images are not created on the computer or with the newest camera.  Great images are created by the interaction between the subject and the artist.  Your photographer will be a huge part of your wedding and if he annoys you than that’s what your portraits will look like; annoying.  On the other hand if your photographer is cool, funny, and maybe a little crazy than you will have images that reflect your best!  My advice: choose your spouse and wedding photographer carefully.  If your images aren’t this important to you, than I’m probably not the guy for you.  I will help make your day special and create art that will make you cry and fall in love over and over again!

Beware of Fauxtographers?

The photographer/client relationship is paramount to creating great art together but of course that is not the end of it.  I believe the post-production work and great lighting are very important too.  Craftsmanship is lacking in digital photography today.  Many wedding photographers today are “Fauxtographers”.  Many wedding photographers today have recently bought the newest camera, studied online a little, made a template website and “poof” their in business.  They are camera owners not professional photographers.  Do not make the mistake of hiring someone who simply owns a camera and likes to “play” with the images at night as a hobby.  Would you hire a hobbyist to work on your home or your car?

They don’t understand photography like I do.  I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years and have worked with commercial, advertising, and celebrity photographers extensively.  I was fortunate enough to light many of today’s biggest Hollywood stars.  I bring that same expertise to your event.

Today’s digital cameras are amazing but they still require an artist to take the digital file and turn it into a work of art.  I personally process, retouch, and print all of your wedding images to ensure they bring out all of the emotion!  If you just want someone to “shoot” your wedding and give you the files; I’m not the guy for you.  I create art for clients who love photography and art; and it’s important to them.  If you would describe yourself as picky than you are most likely a great fit for me.

What’s Next-Free Engagement Session?

I know- I’m a bit passionate and opinionated about art and wedding photography.  I believe that life’s experiences is all we have.  I want to make the most of my life and help you with the same.  This is why I’m so dedicated to creating art of your experiences.  I have two little boys that I am passionate about fathering; Lukas and Aidan.  I limit my wedding bookings to twelve a year to ensure I give them and you the best of me. 

I would love to help you with your selection of a wedding photographer; even if it’s not me.  If your interested call my studio 909.625.3138 and we can set up some time to chat.  I’m happy to share my art and discuss your big day.  I believe in educating my clients and prospects on what to look for in a great wedding photographer.  I’m also happy to give any prospect a complimentary engagement session with no obligation to purchase.  The only catch is that after you work with me and see how great I make you look and how fun I am to work with- you’ll want to hire me.

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