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A Portrait You’ll Cherish For Life!

It’s my goal as an artist to capture the emotion, love, and essence of everyone I photograph.  My images rely on emotional impact.  I believe an artistic portrait should evoke feelings.  My mission is creating art to touch your heart.  My unique process allows me to create emotional portraits that bring my clients to tears when they see their own family in a beautiful work of art.

A Simple Chat

The first step to create an amazing portrait is to chat so I can get to know you.  I like to find out who you are, so your portrait can be unique.  I want you to be comfortable during your session so I can capture your “real” smiles and expressions.   We’ll talk about where to create your portrait, clothing, what time of day will give us the best light, and any other concerns you might have.  I want create a work of art that speaks to you.  Your portrait should show how special you are and commemorate all of the hard work and love you contribute to your family.  A happy, loving family is an extraordinary accomplishment, and deserves a work of art that brings tears of joy to your eyes.

Let’s Create Art!

Most of my sessions are created on location.  I carefully choose locations that you can be comfortable at and also have amazing backgrounds.  I like to create portraits at locations that my clients can relate too; beaches, parks, their own home, wilderness parks and even downtown areas.  I also do most of my sessions about two hours prior to sunset.  I love the warm soft light of that time of day.

Honestly, most people don’t like to be photographed.  Everyone wants great portraits but they think that they are not photogenic.  I created lighting for celebrity sessions for years and learned that even they felt this way.  What’s the secret to capturing you at your best?  Great location, great lighting, wearing clothes that you feel good in, and working with a photographer that has more than a great camera.  It’s not about the camera.  It’s all about the personality of the photographer.  Once the lighting is set, and your standing there in your carefully selected clothes at just the right time of day, it’s time to create the art.  Uh oh!  What do you do?  Your hands, your smile, are you standing or sitting right?  Being photographed can be intimidating.  This is where my true talent shines.  Working with a great celebrity photographer I learned to put all of my energy into relating to the subject and making sure they are happy, comfortable and engaged in the process.   I’m a fun, friendly, and warm person; expect handshakes and hugs from me.  Expect to laugh and have fun during your session.  I will tease you and I even have a “smile” dance that I’ll do, if you still refuse to just be your beautiful self.  I believe everyone is beautiful and I want to capture it.  I want to capture the authentic you.  Just being ourselves is what’s truly beautiful.

Your portrait session will become a very special memory for you.  Most of my clients show up to their sessions nervous and then tell me later how much fun they had.  Having fun, feeling beautiful, and creating a work of art with the ones you love most is a special experience that everyone deserves.

Viewing and Ordering

After your portrait creation session we will schedule a projection appointment at my studio.  I’ll edit your images down to my favorites and present them to you on a big screen with a projector.  The projection appointment is fun too!  You’ll sit in a big comfy chair and watch me create art with your favorite images.  We’ll talk about expression, how the image should be displayed, and how to best show the emotion we captured in your portrait.  You will work with me personally as I create works of art with your portraits.  In this appointment you begin to understand my passion for portrait art and what makes me special as an artist because I have captured images of you beyond your expectations.  Most clients leave this appointment with big smiles.

The Final Vision Becomes Realized

I personally create your portrait art, including the retouching, printing, and framing, mounting, or canvas stretching.  I’m very picky and only want the best for your art.  I’m a master printer and have hand printed images for advertising photographers for many national ad campaigns.  To truly express all of the emotion and love in an artistic portrait it must be interpreted by a visual artist.  I personally do that for each of my portraits.  I only offer the best; my passion, heart, and soul to create art for you.  

When your art is complete I arrange delivering the art to your home to hang it for you.  Yes, that’s right, I come hang your art on your walls for you.  As your photographic artist I want everything to be perfect. 


I give you a No-Risk "Iron Clad" No Nonsense Guarantee!  You must be absolutely 'thrilled' (not just satisfied) with the photographs I create for you.  Love them-even cry "tears" of joy.  If not...I will give you every penny back.  No questions asked and no hard feelings either.  When it’s all done your friends will be begging you for my information and you will refer to me as your personal friend and artist.

So What Now?

If you’ve actually read this far; your probably a good match for my art.  It shows that you care about your family and the experience of life itself.  I would love to chat with you about creating art to touch your heart.  Call my studio at 909.625.3138 and we can chat about creating portraits for you.

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