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Holiday Road Trip with Preteens

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These images are from my last road trip with the Negrete Boys to Sedona Arizona and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  Lukas is the one with the longer hair; he’s 11 now, and Aidan is 13 years.  They’re now at the pre-teen age, so things are getting interesting.  

We spent about six days on our road trip driving first to Phoenix, then to Sedona to stay at a cabin I rented through Airbnb in a cool place called Munds Park. Munds is a little mountain community about twenty minutes from Sedona.  It was super cool to unwind between Christmas and New Years Eve in a quiet environment.  Sedona was awesome; we hiked all day and grabbed one of the most amazing burgers in town midday.  We spent the next day driving from the east rim of the Grand Canyon to the main visitor center.  It was our first trip the Grand Canyon; the boys named it Grand Canyon! Lol.  Road trips make people loopy; too much time in the car.  

We really loved the Grand Canyon and need to go back many times along with Sedona to really explore them.  We prefer to put our feet on the ground in nature and really experience it; we honestly hate the towns except when we get hungry.

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As you can see from my pics of them, they hate being photographed.  They’re at the age where they act like they despise me at times yet still want to be tucked in every night and pull me close for a quick hug.  One of my favorite clients, Shirley Rude, taught me about family and road trips many years ago.  It’s worth it to spend hours in the car, being annoyed at times, hungry at times, and silly together.  I know that the road trips will be some of our best memories as life moves on.