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Artist Statement

I am an artist; this leads me to create breakthrough images with fun and ease. Photographing everyday people and showing their inner beauty is a blessing for me. I love images with impact that show beautiful and touching moments. My work is about feeling the moment and communicating that in a work of art. My true skill as a photographer is in connecting with my clients. I become a friend and an integral part in documenting all of your special moments from weddings to portraits. By being present with my subjects I am able to continually create new images that are unique and beautiful. My life as an artist is truly a dream for me and I am very passionate about it.

Beyond photography I am a father of two fabulous boys; Aidan and Lukas. I am also a competitive cyclist. I race mountain bikes and cyclocross. Being an artist, father and athlete is the focus of my life and I enjoy giving my all in every endeavor. I'm a ball of fun, inspirational energy and I enjoy sharing my passion and love with everyone I meet.

Michael's Profile

Michael has been a photographer for over 20 years and has operated Michael Negrete Photography for over 18 years. Prior to opening his business in Claremont, Michael assisted recognized advertising and celebrity photographers in Los Angeles for almost ten years. This training has given him great technical confidence in his photography. This allows Michael to create amazing images under many circumstances. Even under the pressure of a wedding schedule he is able to connect with his clients and create original art during their special day. Clients often comment on his confidence and casual manner during photo sessions. These qualities create images that communicate the essence of his subjects and their unique characteristics.

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